Performs CT exams at a technical level.? Assumes responsibility for the safe and proper operation of CT/Radiological equipment.





Executes All Diagnostic CT Studies Operating Equipment To The GE Lightspeed Scanner And Associated Patient Care Equipment.

  1. Always identifies self to patient, and verifies patient identity along with physicians order for requested exam.? For house patients, technologist reviews chart for specific order or contraindication and as a result unnecessary patient radiation can be avoided.

  2. Thoroughly explains procedure to patient in a manner to put the patient at ease.? Always allows patient the opportunity for questions concerning procedure and as a result patient compliance and corporation is gained.

  3. Uses sound judgment in obtaining additional views, or consulting a radiologist if unusual findings are noted on scan and as a result saving the patient a return visit to the CT suite.

  4. Completes assigned exam to include all filming, jacket retrieval, close exam in Meditech, and the location of old films before handing in for reading.? In the case of outside films, always makes the necessary communication to secure these films.

  5. Always logs patient data. Occasionally may need to relay to director and/or supervisors details concerning any machine failure, and possible assist in the repair process.

  6. Recognizes that patient flow is critical to the efficient operation of the scanning suite, by always consulting with fellow staff members before calling for patients.? Always shows good judgment and perception in determining priorities of patient flow, and as a result, patients are not allowed to wait for unexplainable length of time.


Delivers Patient Care For All Age Groups Of Patients Requiring CT Services, Acting As A Liaison Between The Patient And The Radiologist.

  1. Always explains informed consent to patient and as a result the patient is given the opportunity for questions.???????

  2. Always uses universal precautions in the handling of any body fluids.

  3. Always is prepared to respond to emergency situations while delivering patient care. Always has suction and emergency drugs available, and knows how to respond to emergency drug reactions and as a result unexpected outcomes can be minimized.

  4. Rarely fails to document in patients chart any pertinent notes concerning patient care while in the CT suite, and as a result, patient care is not compromised.

f.???????????? Always consults with nursing floors any significant changes in patient condition while patient is under care of the CT department.

g.???????????? Never fails to record any unexpected outcomes concerning patient care by utilizing the incident forms.


Utilizes Accessories Necessary To Provide Patient Comfort/And Protection From Radiation Sources.

  1. Always offers any sponges, kneepads, blankets to the patient as a result, the patient will be comfortable which will enhance his cooperation with the CT scan process.

  2. Always questions female patients in the childbearing years they could be pregnant.

  3. Always uses lead protection to those patients within the childbearing years if needed.

  4. Always consults protocol manual for scanning parameters and as a result unnecessary exposures will be reduced and patient dose will be kept as low as possible.


Performs Office Duties Necessary In Maintaining Complete Patient Record.

a.??????????? Always enters patient data in the computer recording all fields within the database, and as a result a complete patient profile database is maintained.

b.??????????? Takes responsibility to see that all exams and supplies are filled during that day of service.

c.???????????? Occasionally records and maintains teaching file database if needed.


Keeps CT Skills Current, Demonstrating Evidence Of Continuing Education To Include Department Meetings, Individualized Learning Opportunities From Radiologist And Related Classes.

a.???????????? Always technically demonstrates competency in current CT technology and techniques.

  1. Always performs efficiently and effectively in emergency scanning situations following established protocols, informing emergency personnel of radiation exposure, and as a result critical time spent in the CT suite will be kept at a minimum, and patient care will not be compromised.

c.???????????? Always seeks validation of knowledge base, skill level and decision making and assertively seeks guidance in areas of question.

d.??????????? Recognizes that learning opportunities can be had "at the moment" from professionals within our department, makes and takes the time to involve self in these learning opportunities.

e.???????????? Willingly participates in staff development activities according to the CT department needs.

f.???????????? Assists in the orientation of new staff by sharing knowledge, experience, positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, and as a result new staff is given every opportunity to succeed.

g.???????????? Identifies and communicates to director personal learning needs and seeks opportunities to meet them.

h.???????????? Attends mandatory annual update to include but not limited to:

??????????????? (1.) CPR

??????????????? (2.) Mandatory Education


Adheres To Diagnostic Imaging's Policy And Procedures, Safety, Risk Management And Uses Universal Precautions Including Personal Protective Equipment For Anticipated Contact With Blood Or Other Potentially Infectious Materials.

a.??????????? Consistently demonstrates awareness of risk sensitive issues and reports them appropriately to the director or supervisors,

b.???????????? Always demonstrates awareness of and applies safety standards to include but not limited to:

??????????????? 1. Fire Plan

??????????????? 2. Disaster Plan

??????????????? 3. Hazardous Material Protocol

??????????????? 4. Back Safety

??????????????? 5. Infection control

c.???????????? Always reports defective equipment and safety hazards to the director or supervisors so that patient and staff safety is maintained.

d.???????????? Always adheres to those policies and procedures that are inherent to Diagnostic Imaging.


Demonstrates competency in adjusting the delivery of care and/or clinical techniques as appropriate to address the age specific needs of the patient.

  1. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served in his/her assigned area(s).?

  2. Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possesses the ability to assess data reflective of the patient?s status and interprets the appropriate information needed to identify each patient?s requirements relative to his/her age specific needs and to provide the care needed.



?Must be open to additional responsibilities as required by administration.


a.???????????? Usually perceives when non-routine activities are needed and offers to perform without asking.

b.???????????? Never fails to comply with assignment without justifiable and verifiable reason.

  1. ??????? Never acts less than additively when doing similar and incidental duties.


Other Responsibilities:


Values Behaviors: It is essential that all employees are able to support the values of St Anthony Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives.? Each person is expected to interact effectively with physicians, patients, visitors, and staff, as well as demonstrate a commitment to service, hospital values, and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.



Pass a Smile! (First Impressions)

  1. Introduce yourself.

  2. Initiate greetings with a smile, eye contact, open body language, and a handshake or touch.

  3. Use patient or co-worker?s name in conversation.? Be genuine.

  4. Listen attentively and confirm back to customer what you have heard.

  5. Always say ?hello? with a smile to patients, visitors, and co-workers in hallways and elevators.

Celebrate Differences! (Diversity)

  1. Treat all patients, visitors, and co-workers with respect as unique, valued individuals.

  2. Provide the highest level of service to everyone, regardless of who they are.

  3. Create a supportive environment and encourage people to freely express themselves.

  4. Behave in a professional, collaborative, supportive manner, regardless of personal feelings at all times.

Look the Part! (Professional Image)

  1. Make sure employee badge is visible and appropriately places.

  2. Stay well groomed.

  3. Keep clothing neat, clean, and in accordance with department and hospital policy.

  4. Ensure that personal conversation, demeanor, and all behaviors present and ?on-stage? appearance.

Maintain an attitude of confidence and proficiency.



Make it Right! (Service Recovery)

  1. Anticipate and correct problems before they become complaints.

  2. Acknowledge mistakes when they occur, without placing blame.

  3. Apologize for the mistake, even if you are not at fault.

  4. Make amends for mistakes by taking corrective action as a tangible indication of our sincere regret.

Let?s Talk! (Communication)

  1. Follow through on all requests and promises in a timely manner.

  2. Whenever you see a person who needs help, ask them ?What can I do for you??

  3. Respond in a timely manner to all requests ? conveying clear, concise, and accurate information.

  4. Answer all phones promptly.? State name, department, and give appropriate greeting.? Always use a friendly tone.

Lean on Me! (Teamwork)

  1. Balance personal agenda with team and organizational goals.

  2. Value all team members and their opinions by treating everyone equally and with respect.

  3. Seek to resolve conflicts in a respectful way.? Do so directly with the individual(s) involved and promptly.

  4. Arrive on time to work.

  5. Fully share information that people need to do their job.

  6. Express ideas, opinions and reactions constructively.



Welcome to our Home! (Safe/Healing/Calm Environment)

  1. Maintain a safe, neat, clutter-free work environment.

  2. Pick up linen and put it away.

  3. Keep voice down in and around patient areas.

  4. Recommend changes to the director on policies, procedures, and environment to enhance everyone?s ability to provide optimum service to all patients, visitors, and employees.

Keep in Touch! (Provide information and explanations)

  1. Apologize for delays and inconveniences.

  2. Communicate anticipated timeline for procedures and keep family updated when possible.

  3. Use easily understood and appropriate language when giving information to patients, visitors and co-workers.

  4. Avoid technical and professional jargon and acronyms if possible.

Privacy Matters! (Privacy/Confidentiality)

  1. Be sensitive to individual privacy needs.

  2. Always speak kindly and positively about patients and co-workers.? Show in all ways that patient is the first priority.

  3. Maintain strict confidentiality at all times with patient, visitors, co-workers, physician information, and with proprietary organizational information.



Thank Somebody! (Recognition/Appreciation)

  1. Find ways to specifically recognize and appreciate a co-worker.

  2. Catch people doing something special and let them know you appreciate it.

  3. Commend a team member when they demonstrate one or more of our customer service standards and behaviors.

  4. Openly praise and acknowledge the good work of co-workers by announcing specific professional and personal accomplishments.

Show the way! (Give Directions)

  1. Make it your job to know where services are at in the facility.

  2. If someone appears to needs directions, offer to help.

  3. Offer to escort patients and visitors to their destination.

  4. If unable to personally escort, take him/her to someone who can, or show him/her the way with a facility map.

  5. Stock supplies, file, clean room, etc. with free time.


Keep Growing! (Technical competency)

  1. Maintain a high level of competence; continue to grow in skill and encourage others to do the same.

  2. Consistently demonstrate excellent technical knowledge on the job.

  3. Encourage and contribute innovative ideas and ways of doing things that increase efficiencies.



Performance Improvement:? Understands and actively supports the organizational and departmental Performance Improvement Initiatives.

  1. Can verbalize employee?s overall responsibility and role in the St. Anthony Hospital Performance Improvement Program.

  2. Can identify PDCA as St. Anthony Hospital?s guide for Process Improvement.

  3. Can submit evidence of participation in a Performance Improvement activity completed within the last 12 months.? (Organizational, departmental, or individual.)


Safely cleans, maintains and troubleshoots equipment.? Performs periodic quality control and maintains adequate inventory levels and patient records.


Age Specific Population Served:


x? Neonatal (0-28 days)???????????? x? Infant (28 days ? 1 yr.)?????????? x? Pediatric (1 ? 12 yrs.)


x? Adolescent (12 ? 20 yrs.)??????? x? Adult (20 ? 61 yrs.)??????????????? x? Geriatric (62 yrs. +)

Education and Experience:

Must be a graduate of an accredited school of Radiological Technology.?

Must have completed coursework in cross-sectional anatomy or demonstrated skill/knowledge in cross-sectional anatomy. Successful employment as a CT technologist for 1 year.? Must have knowledge and experience in current technical aspects of patient care in the CT Department, to include IV sites, suction equipment and medical injectors.?



State of Oregon License, American Registry of Radiological Technologist (ARRT),


Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Computer knowledge to include keyboarding skills, computer applications, such as database used for patient logging procedures and word processing.? Must be able to prioritize daily activities to assure efficient operation of patient flow.? Must possess skills in oral communication between staff, physicians, visitors and other hospital departments.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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