Dentist - Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Dentist - Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
Dentist - Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
$141,708.00 - $187,128.00 Annually
Pendleton, OR
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8/18/2018 11:59 PM Pacific
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This institution qualifies for the Health Provider Service Area Program
and the Nurse Corp Loan Repayment Program
Join our elite team of well-trained, highly qualified Health Services professionals dedicated to delivering comprehensive dental care in a correctional setting. Avoid the daily routine of the typical Dental career and join our teams who have already found a rewarding job opportunity with flexible schedules and excellent dental facilities.
The purpose of this program is to provide health care to inmates at Department of Corrections' institution located in Pendleton, Oregon.
There is currently One Full Time Dentist position, located at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton. Because the facilities are so close together, this position may also be assigned to work periodically at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI) in Umatilla. There are a total of six dentist positions at EOCI and TRCI, so there are many other dentists to associate with at the work sites.
Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI); Pendleton encloses 53 acres and has a capacity of 1,697 inmates in medium security units. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution is a medium security prison located in Pendleton Oregon. It currently holds around 1,700 inmates. EOCI is comprised of 19 housing units that hold the general population. 596 offenders are held in a dormitory style setting, 897 inmates are held in multi occupancy cells and 99 offenders can be held in single cells which are used for disciplinary segregation. Blue Mountain Community College provides academic education to inmates at this prison, and helps offenders earn a GED during their incarceration.
Programs offered to inmates at EOCI, include:
+ Behavioral Health Services: Mental Health case management, group and individual counseling, crisis intervention, day treatment, mental health housing, and HIV/Hep C pre-post testing and education.
+ Religious Services offers many programs to help inmates while incarcerated. Some of the programs offered are Anger Management, Making Peace With Your Past, Search for Significance and the Purpose Driven Life. These programs are all voluntary, faith-based and may be accessed by all inmates.
EOCI is the state?s only facility where the internationally-recognized "Prison Blues " line of blue denim clothing is manufactured. The garment factory is one of two prison industries programs operating at the facility. The prison?s commercial laundry cleans clothing and other items for EOCI and Snake River Correctional Institution, in addition to Pendleton?s local high school, the city?s fire department, the Pendleton Convention Center, and Krusteaz Flour Mill. Other inmate work opportunities include: food service, clerical, and facility maintenance.
The Creative Arts program includes wood working and cast iron projects. The program provides meaningful work learning essential job skills in a realistic work environment that is designed to improve an inmate?s chance of getting a job and becoming a productive citizen upon release to the community. The program is completely self-funded. The staff and inmate continue to explore unique ideas for creative arts projects and in doing so the program is now assisting other state agencies in development of their wood working programs.
Benefits: The State of Oregon provides a generous benefit package, which includes family health and dental insurance, optional short and long-term disability and term life insurance ? all of which can be tailored to individual needs. Also provided are fully paid retirement program, modest life insurance policy, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave.
The mission of the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) is to promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior. We're committed to delivering the highest quality, compassionate care to those we serve. That's why we attract forward-thinking people who are enthusiastic about the future.
Come be part of our high-energy workforce and take advantage of our generous benefits, career development opportunities and internal mobility options.
Our Core Values
o We value our responsibilities.
o We value integrity.
o We value teamwork.
o We value respecting others.
o We value constructive change.
o We value the participation of all.
Our Vision
o We take a proactive role in the development of criminal justice policy.
o We create partnerships with Oregon communities to hold offenders accountable, engage
victims, and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Oregon.
o We are a committed, creative, and productive organization that recognizes safety and
security as an essential business practice.
o We require sound fiscal management of public resources using outcome-
oriented strategies.
o We provide offender programs and resources that support the department's mission.
o We are a diverse, skilled workforce who shares the responsibility for outcomes across
organizational boundaries.
Duties & Responsibilities
The purpose of this position is to provide professional dental services in a correctional setting to an inmate population ranging in size from 100 to 3,500.
+ performs dental examination and treatment for inmates; evaluates oral disorders including teeth and supportive structures; detects and describes oral pathology, formulates diagnosis and develops treatment plan to perform preventative, restorative and surgical procedures; prepares written plan, prescribes medication, orders necessary lab work and/or x-rays;
+ assures dental records are properly maintained on all inmates at the facility, according to Division guidelines for dental records forms, chart organization, documentation procedures, confidentiality, release of information and storage; maintains a system for regular audit of dental records for completeness;
+ participates in preparation of written and statistical reports which convey or quantify the status, volume and quality of services provided by the dental services program;
+ evaluates, determines need for equipment, supplies and materials necessary for dental operation which includes preparation and submission of purchase requests, management of allocated budget for purchases, maintenance and security of equipment, supplies, and other materials; responds to written or verbal complaints, grievances, or other requests for information; investigates identified problems; participates in preparation of comprehensive clinical summaries; provides written or verbal explanation of programs/decisions
Qualifications, Required & Requested Skills
You must have, or have the ability to obtain:
+ a current Dentist's license issued by the Oregon Board of Dentistry at the time of appointment.
Requested and Required Skills
+ Limited and comprehensive oral evaluation.
+ Treatment planning.
+ Radiology.
+ Preventative dentistry.
+ Periodontal exam and treatment, excluding periodontal surgery.
+ Restorative dentistry.
+ Must be proficient performing extractions, simple and surgical.
+ Fixed and removable prosthodontics.
+ Prescribing of appropriate medication
Desired Attributes
+ Previous service within an oral and maxillofacial internship program and/or extensive experience performing oral surgery procedures (excluding complicated third molar impactions)
+ Previous experience working as a dentist in corrections as well as the private sector
+ Excellent communication skills with patients and staff
+ Solid work ethic, with ability to manage caseloads independently
No previous dental board action in any state.
Additional Information
In the "Work Experience " section of your electronic application, clearly describe your experience as it relates to these qualifications. Failure to provide this information may result in eliminating your application from further consideration. A resume' will not replace the "Work Experience " section of the application.
You must have a valid e-mail address to apply for jobs with the Oregon Department of Corrections. All communication regarding your application and status will be done by
If you have application login problems, get an error message during the application process, or are experiencing other technical (computer related) difficulties, please call the NEOGOV? help line for assistance at 1-855-524-5627. You can also email NEOGOV? for support at support@governmentjobs.com. You can use this email address to report a variety of applicant issues; login, attaching documents, web browser, etc. Remember when submitting an applicant issue through this email address please make sure to include your name, if you have an applicant ID, a valid contact number, the issue, and if possible a time when you are available to be contacted.
Application Instructions:
Only complete applications will be considered. Provide detailed information relevant to the job posting in both the Work Experience Job Duties section of the application and your answers to the Supplemental Questions.
First, the application Work Experience and Job Duties section will be closely reviewed to see if the applicant meets the Minimum Requirements of the Position.
The pay and benefits on all announcement may change without notice.
Application Reference Number: DOC18-06146
ODOC does not offer visa sponsorships. Within three days of hire, applicants will be required to complete an I-9 and confirm authorization to work in the United States. Applicants will be subject to a Computerized Criminal History and Motor Vehicles check as well as background investigation. Adverse background information may be grounds for disqualification.
Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) complies with the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). PREA prohibits ODOC from hiring, or promoting anyone who has engaged in, been convicted of, or been civilly or administratively adjudicated for engaging in sexual abuse in Institution settings. These include a jail, prison, or other correctional facility (including juvenile corrections) AND any institution or facility where people are residing for the purpose of receiving care or treatment (e.g., adjudicated delinquent, neglected, placed in State custody, mentally ill or disabled, chronically ill, or physically disabled, etc.). These include skilled nursing care, intermediate or long-term care, or custodial or residential care (e.g., group home, rehabilitation, assisted living/nursing home, hospice, etc.).
This standard requires ODOC to conduct background checks on all applicants considered for employment or promotion to consider any incidents of substantiated allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in determining whether to hire or promote anyone who may have contact with inmates.
For more information regarding PREA please visit: https://www.prearesourcecenter.org/
Veterans Preference Points are awarded to eligible veterans seeking employment with the Oregon Department of Corrections. Veterans must provide appropriate documentation to qualify for these additional preference points and must submit the documentation with each application. The DD215 must accompany the DD214 that was modified. Only DD214 Member Copy 4, Service Copy 2 and Service Copy 3 are accepted to verify character of service. Other copies will not be accepted and points will not be awarded.
Required documentation must include:
+ a copy of the DD214/215 for the five (5) point preference; OR
+ a copy of the DD214/215 and a public employment preference letter from the United States Department of Veterans' Affairs for the ten (10) point preference.
Based on Oregon Statute 408.225(1)(f) defines a veteran as a person who:Served on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States:
+ For a period of more than 90 consecutive days before January 31, 1955 and was discharged under honorable conditions (Honorable, General, or Under Honorable Conditions);
+ For a period of more than 178 consecutive days beginning after January 31, 1955 and was discharged under honorable conditions;
+ For 178 days or less and was discharged under honorable conditions because of a service-connected disability;
+ For 178 days or less and was discharged under honorable conditions and has a disability rating from the USDVA; OR
+ For at least one day in a combat zone and was discharged under honorable conditions;
+ Received a combat or campaign ribbon or an expeditionary medal for service in the Armed Forces of the United States and was discharged under honorable conditions;
+ Is receiving a nonservice-connected pension from the USDVA.
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Lila M. Lokey
Core benefits
Medical, vision and dental insurance
+ Comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans for the employee and qualified family members
+ $5,000 in employee basic life insurance
Retirement benefits
+ Membership in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)/Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP)
+ Employer paid defined benefit and defined contribution programs
Effective November 1, 2016, SEIU represented employees who are Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) participating members will have their base salary increased by 6.95%. Upon becoming a PERS participating member, SEIU employees pay the employee 6% contribution to PERS.
Paid leaves and other benefits
+ Sick leave earned at the rate of 8 hours per a month with no maximum accumulation
+ Vacation leave earned at a minimum rate of 8 hours per month with accrual rate increases at 5-year increments
+ 24 hours personal leave earned each fiscal year
+ Ten paid holidays a year
The state also provides access to an innovative Employee Assistance Program that offers work-life counseling, along with homeowner, legal and family resources.
Optional benefits
+ Term life (employee, spouse or domestic partner, and dependents
+ Long-term and short-term disability
+ Accidental Death and Dismemberment
+ Long-term care (self and eligible family members)
+ Flexible spending accounts
+ Option to enroll in the Oregon Savings Growth Plan, a deferred compensation program offering a wide variety of investment options.
The following information describes typical benefits available for employees. Actual benefits received may differ by position or branch of government or be prorated for other than full time work.

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